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News Update! Concerning Tax/National Holidays From 2015


News Update

For six years, our lesson costs haven’t increased, and the tax has been
However from 2015/1/1 we have decided to include the tax of 8% .
(Accommodation price not affected).

Please Note: We will not charge tax for students who apply by 12/31. You May
even change the start or end date after that, as long as you apply by 12/31.

National Holidays
Starting 2015, there will be no class on national holidays*. We will try to
have more activities and events instead.

*Please Note: On Golden Week and Obon, we will have classes as usual.
Golden Week: April the 29th, followed by May 4th, 5th, 6th.
Obon: 13th and 14th August
Local Translation Course will need at least 3 students to start.
We are accepting applications for both the Local Translation Course, and the Beginner/Intermediate Local Group Course now.
If you have any questions concerning this please email us at info at