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Japanese Literature Course – Interview with Chii Sensei


Chii Sensei Literature Course WAHAHA Fukuoka Japan

Chii Sensei holding “Super Frog Saves Tokyo,”  by Haruki Murakami

Chii Sensei, from Saga Prefecture, kindly agreed to talk with me briefly today about the Japanese Literature Course she has been teaching since January. The first session is finishing up soon, but a new 10 week session will be starting from April 9 (Saturday, 10:00 – 11:30. 

Q: This course is something that you have been wanting to teach for a long time, I think. What did you choose to read for the first session, and why?

A: We’ve been reading a bit of the story “Super Frog Saves Tokyo” each week, as well as other interesting short essays. To be honest, a big reason why I chose Super Frog is because it is pretty easy to read, but also because the story is very strange and interesting, so I hoped it would lead to good discussions.

Q: Do you feel like it was a good choice?

A: Yes, we’ve had lots of fun with it. As we read, we often stop and each of us will guess what will happen next. We almost never guess the exact correct answer, but we all laugh as we share our ideas and find out how wrong our guesses were!

For example, during the first lesson we guessed ‘What do you think Super Frog will save Tokyo from?’ and people guessed things like ‘the Yakuza!’

Q: You’ll be finishing up Super Frog during these last two weeks of the first session. Any plans for what you will read when the next session starts on April 9th?

A: We had a great time reading Super Frog, but we will read some shorter stories during the next 10 week course. Each story is by a contemporary writer, like Banana Yoshimoto, and will take about 2 weeks to read.

If you’d like to join the Japanese Literature Course with Chii Sensei, we’d like to invite you to come to a free trial session on either 3/26 or 4/2 from 10:00 – 11:30 at WAHAHA. To RSVP, email or click the Contact button.