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Wahaha’s Summer Holidays Private Lessons Campaign


Hi everyone! I hope you are not melted down by the heat and that you can enjoy your natsu yasumi!
Only a few weeks to go before our JLPT courses begin, but because Wahaha would not want you to forget about your Japanese, we have a special campaign: from August 15 to September 30, we offer at our school in downtown Fukuoka private lessons for 2,750 yen an hour, with no enrollment fee, no minimum amount of lessons and no obligations ! Kanji lessons, conversation lessons, you choose what you want to study with us!

This offer is opened to everyone, university student, travelers, and people who could not leave their desks for the holidays. The only limitation is that you can only take up to 6 hours of lessons per week.

And all that only 3 minutes away from Akasaka station, or 10 minutes from Tenjin.

Contact us for more information and to reserve your time slot today!

Disclaimer: there has been some misunderstandings around this campaign. Unfortunately, it is not intended as a replacement for our normal standard private or group course. We thank you in advance for your understanding.