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5th Anniversary  Up to 30% off!!


WAHAHA Japanese school – Intensive Course Discount

Apply for special discounts until the 31st March!!

5th Anniversary  Up to 30% off!! Act Now

For our 5th anniversary we will be giving up to 30% off towards tuition. So act now!!

・Standard Course (Group) 180min / day  4weeks -
\120,000 →  \96,000 20% off!!

・Standard Course (Group) 180min / day  8weeks -
\240,000 →  \16,8000 30% off!!

Classes are divided into different levels. WAHAHA does not put students with different Japanese proficiency into the same class.
Usually class numbers are small, typically 2-3 students. This encourages in-class communication and a flexible curriculum which delivers improvement within a short period of time.


In order to match each student’s goals, we provide diverse programs, e.g. JLPT lessons, Business lessons, Working holiday Program, Internship Program, and the Translation Program.