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Brett Davidson

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Brett Davidson

I specifically selected to attend Wahaha Japanese Language school because of its size which offered flexibility and convenience. I was not disappointed. The Wahaha staff went out of their way to accommodate my needs and support me in my goals. The staff are superb teachers. I had the pleasure of working with Chiaki-san and Junko-san on my private lesson. They both kept the pace of the classes engaging without being overwhelming. And every day was a great deal of fun.

P1020878.jpgIt’s not just class-room work either. The school makes outings and events a regular part of their programs. While I have never been a big fan of Karaoke before, I had a great time with the Wahaha staff and students on one outing. So, now I’m a convert. I also really enjoyed the cooking lesson. I now have a fine recipe for Tofu burgers I can’t wait to try out on my friends.


I had a great time and really developed a lot in my Japanese. I look forward to returning one day.