The WAHAHA Way: Our Students Always Come First

WAHAHA is a small-sized Japanese school in Fukuoka, allowing us to maintain a cozy, friendly and family-like atmosphere. Not only does this allow us to be more flexible and focus on each and every one of our students' needs on an individual basis, but we also strive to:

 A warm and open learning environment

At WAHAHA, many different nationalities, backgrounds and ages are represented among our students. But what all our students have in common is that everyone is eager to learn. WAHAHA provides the best learning environment for each student to accomplish his/her goals.

 Personalized Curriculums

Our small class sizes give us the unique advantage of ensuring that you are in the very right course level for your ability. If at any time you feel your level placement is not right for you, just let us know and we will make sure you are in the appropriate course for your ability level.

   Maximum communication with our students

We understand the importance of giving students the support they need and maintain ongoing communication with each student to ensure that any difficulties which may come up during their studies are resolved.

   Specialized Programs and Experienced                         Instructors

In order to help students meet their individual goals, we provide a variety of programs such as JLPT prep, business Japanese lessons, lessons specifically designed for working holiday visa holders, internships, and more! Our teachers are also fully-qualified to teach Japanese at a variety of levels to ensure that you receive the education necessary to succeed. 

   Student Life Support

Studying at WAHAHA does not stop once you leave the classroom. In addition to the carefully selected textbooks used in class, we also provide supplementary educational materials and other information useful for day-to-day life in Japan as well as for accomplishing personal study goals and/or furthering self study.

Welcome to WAHAHA!

Wahaha is located in Fukuoka, voted the 7th most livable city in the world (Monocle 2016). WAHAHA is a place of enjoyment and excitement, where learning makes you laugh! That is how the name of the school came about. In this city with a good balance of urban and nature, improve your Japanese with fun and effective lessons here at WAHAHA in combination with events and gatherings outside of the classroom!

Features of WAHAHA Why choose WAHAHA? Location and Map

At WAHAHA our students come first, whether inside or outside the classroom. Join us today and get a jump start on your studies! 


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At WAHAHA Japanese Language School in Fukuoka we are committed to teaching Japanese that can be used naturally in everyday life. Our Japanese classes do not focus on grammar alone, but also encourage awareness of correct usage situations and speaking styles. In addition, WAHAHA’s uniquely small class sizes (maximum of four students per class) enable instructors to actively communicate with all students in every class, resulting in both an enjoyable Japanese learning experience and rapid progress.

We offer Japanese Language Courses designed to help you fulfill your dreams in Japan. We are located in the Tenjin neighborhood of Fukuoka, the center of business, economy, administration, transportation, and culture of Kyushu Island.

At WAHAHA, we are proud to maintain a student attendance rate of about 98%. Our teachers work hard to design curricula that fit each student’s personal study goals. As a result, our students are always eager to learn, work hard to accomplish their goals, and are thrilled to discover what they can achieve through our short-term, intensive lessons.

Every course offers the best quality teaching!



The Standard Course includes a flexible.....



The aim of this course is to improve list....



The Business Course: For those who want....



We offer private Japanese lessons via Skype.....



EnglandBeri Juraic

Standard Course

I have previously lived and studied in Japan when I was



LithuaniaRad Virbickas

Translation Course

I have had a great opportunity to do a translation course.



GermanyLars Junker

Standard Course

Eager to study the language, I came to Fukuoka




Standard Course

Why did you choose Fukuoka?
I chose Fukuoka for 




Translation Course

I had the pleasure of taking a month long private course at the Wahaha Japanese