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Company Outline

Principles Behind Activities

Do you dream of speaking Japanese during your holiday to Japan? Would you like to visit popular places and mix with Japanese people? Are you interested in experiencing Japanese culture? Would you like to create your own Japanese study plan? Do you hope to go to an anime or cosplay event? Have you wanted some assistance when shopping? WAHAHA Studio Japan can assist you will all these and more.

Company Outline

Company WAHAHA Studio Japan Co.,Ltd.
Representative Junko Maekawa
Location Maizuru 2-2-7-4FL, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 8100073 Japan[Map
Establishment January 7th , 2009
Capital Funds 5 Million Japanese Yen
Business Contents ・Management of Japanese Language School for foreign people
・Management of classes Japanese Culture experiencing
・Introducing and Madiating for Internship
・Management of planning for Traveling and Sight seeing
・Management of producing International Exchange Events
International Exchange Activity Over the limit of nationality, age, and gender, we do our best to plan and produce different kinds of international exchange events for deeply sharing and experiencing foreign cultures and life styles for people from all over the world

Business Structure

  • Japanese Culture
    Tea Ceremony,Kimono fitting, Calligraphy, Pottery, etc.
  • Activities
    Farm stay, Visit School, Field trip, etc.
  • International Exchange Events
    Sightseeing tour with Japanese people, Weekend home-stay,etc.
  • Japanese Lesson
  • Standerd Course
  • Business Course
  • Culture Course
  • Manga Course
  • JLPT Course
  • Private Lesson
  • Anime Lesson