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Luke Ellis

23rd October 2013

Dear Junko and WAHAHA staff, After reflection on my time in Japan, I would like to thank you and the entire WAHAHA staff for your collective efforts and hospitality. Without you, I doubt that I would have found my time in Japan so enjoyable and rewarding.Luke-Ellis-01.jpg

First, the apartment in Yakuin was close to the subway and close to the main roads. I loved the convenience. I worried about not receiving my accommodation details before I was due to fly. However, I did get them and made it to the apartment.

The teachers were all excellent. They made the most of the small class sizes and gave each student a chance to speak. I learned a lot from the teachers at WAHAHA. I worked with them and felt that class was a great opportunity to develop my Japanese.

Luke-Ellis-02.jpgFriday night meals, whether they were at restaurants or the Ryori Kyoshitsu, were a great chance to get to know the WAHAHA community. This included the other students, as well as the cosmopolitan Japanese, who joined in. They had some great stories.

The Fukuoka tourist sites were actually interesting. I took the initiate to visit many places myself. However, by joining the school events, I was able experience parts of Fukuoka and events that I would have never have gone to otherwise.

Fukuoka proved small enough to explore on foot but not too small to become boring. I got to know it very well. It was the perfect place for me to use and improve my Japanese. By the end, I felt very at home in Fukuoka and made many good memories.Luke-Ellis-03.jpg

Once again, I would like to say thank you to the WAHAHA Staff for all of your efforts. Not only do you play a positive role in the futures of your students but also in the future prosperity of Fukuoka and Japan, as a whole.



Luke Ellis.