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Course Information

Standard Course Working Holiday Course

Standard Course / Working holiday Course

he Standard Course includes a flexible curriculum that considers the diversity of students' needs and objectives, and a training program that connects "reading", "writing", "listening" and "conversation". Our unique program brings solid results within a short period of time. This course is suitable for people who are serious about learning Japanese.

Standard Course Working Holiday Course

Business Course / Internship Course

The Business Course: For those who want to conduct business using Japanese, we have tailored and combined a course which includes 10 special-designed classes to simulate a real life working environment and a course which enables students to utilize everything from appropriate business conduct to Japanese communication skills. The Business Course will prepare and get our students ready for the business world.



Translation Course

Translation Course

This is a course aimed at Japanese language students whose goal it is to work in the translation industry in the future. This hands-on course is taught by experienced professional translators with a strong emphasis on teaching practical skills required in everyday translation. Students will benefit from strengthening their all round Japanese language ability and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed as a professional translator. The course also includes invaluable work experience at a translation company.

Japanese CultureManga Course

Japaness culture Course・Manga Course

Culture Course

Our cultural experiences/events are held twice a week and taught by certified, well-trained and experienced instructors.

Manga Course

The Manga course is held three times a week by professional manga artists.

AdditionalLesson Information

Additional Lesson

Information on extra lessons.

Local Lesson Skype Lesson

Local Lesson / Skype Lesson

We offer private Japanese lessons via Skype.


Speacial Plan

Special Plan

WAHAHA offers classes above and beyond regular Japanese Language lessons. Students can experience Japanese culture and seasonal events in the Special Plans.