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Special Seasonal Programs

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Special Seasonal Courses

Special seasonal courses only at WAHAHA! 
Our Summer Course, Autumn Course and New Year's Course all take advantage of long vacation periods and give you the best value for your money!

New Year's Course

Lesson Information
New Year's has always been a very special time of the year for the Japanese. They believe that the gods visit each family during this time bringing good fortune. There are a variety of traditions and customs that are followed in order to receive this good fortune. Our New Year's Course is more than just Japanese lessons. This special program gives participants the chance to enjoy Japanese New Year's culture and activities.

Two weeks: The last week of the year and the first week of the following year.
Japanese lessons can also begin and end at any time - study for as long as you like!

The detailed schedule can be downloaded here.

This YeaR's New Year's Activities


12/24 Christmas party

Celebrate a very Merry Christmas with your classmates and teachers at a Christmas party in Fukuoka.

12/28 A Year-End Party @WAHAHA - Eating New Year’s Eve Soba

Toshikoshi Soba is traditionally eaten on New Years Eve in most areas of Japan, a custom symbolizing longevity.

12/31 Countdown at Eno Temple! 

Go to a temple and ring in the New Year, Japanese-style!

01/03 Tamaseseri 

A unique festival where two teams compete for a large ball which is said to bring good fortune to whoever can lift it over his head!

01/04 Ozouni Party

Enjoy traditional Japanese New Year’s food like Ozouni, at our New Year’s Party at Wahaha.

01/09 Tooka Ebisu Geisha Event

Farewell Party @WAHAHA

Summer Course

During the summer season from June through August, we are offering a special Summer Course Package.  We offer both a 2-week and a 4-week program. Each program includes two group events or activities per week in addition to our Standard Group Course. 
WAHAHA will organize many events at school. Students who do not wish to join us for the Special Summer Course are still welcome to join us for these activities at an additional cost. 
This special offer is only available during the summer period, so don't miss out!

Summer Course overview

Starts every Monday

Two-week course and four-week course available.

what's included

Weeks Course

  • Standard Course (10 180-minute lessons)
  • 4 Activities and Culture Lessons

Weeks Course

  • Standard Course (20 180-minute lessons)
  • 8 Activities and Culture Lessons

Going to a baseball game, manga spot tour, visiting a beer brewery, etc.
Other seasonal events held during the summer festival period in Fukuoka.