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Reasons for choosing WAHAHA

WAHAHA wants to see your smile each day.
Reasons for choosing WAHAHA

Attendance of 99%
WAHAHA makes it possible!
WAHAHA’s curriculum makes it possible!

WAHAHA endeavors to build a learning environment for all students
regardless of age, nationality, occupation or Japanese Language objective.

Small Class Numbers

Classes are divided into different levels. WAHAHA does not put students with different Japanese proficiency into the same class. Usually class numbers are small, typically 2-3 students. This encourages in-class communication and a flexible curriculum which delivers improvement within a short period of time.

Diverse Lesson Course

In order to match each student’s goals, we provide diverse programs, e.g. JLPT lessons, Business lessons, Working holiday Program, Internship Program, and the Translation Program.

Follow Up

Besides the information in textbooks, we provide supplementary learning materials (eg. Kanji, JLPT and so on)and other information that are useful to accomplish personal study goals and advice is available outside lesson time. All questions on Japanese study will be answered.

Professional Teachers

The teachers at our school are professionals in teaching Japanese language and on top of that, they have excelled their career in the society. Therefore, students can learn many things other than the language itself from the teachers. Teachers have professional skills including in business, economics, history and translation, ensuring a high quality lesson. Most teachers and staff have experienced overseas study and explanations can be made in languages including English and Korean.

Support of study environment!
Peace of mind!

Study begins with your environment. WAHAHA Japanese Language School assists with ensuring a secure environment for all students so each student's study objective can be met in a short period of time.

Support of Life

WAHAHA holds great importance in active communication between students, staff and teachers. Assistance will be given regarding life in Japan or Japanese language studies. All staff will work towards resolving all issues.

School Activities

Not only are Japanese lessons provided by WAHAHA but activities and events are planned for after school or on weekends. These include seasonal sightseeing or events, monthly cooking lessons and school parties. They offer an opportunity to mingle with Japanese people.

Peace of mind!